Curso Coordinador Tiempo Libre – Senior Counselor Official Degree.

Curso Coordinador Tiempo Libre – Senior Counselor Official Degree.

With our Official Courses you can get the an Official Degree granted by Comunidad de Madrid

This Senior Official Degree will teach you new abilities and skills to successfully lead and manage teams and projects.

It will give you resources to develop, organize and lead edicational and cultural activities.

It is addressed to people with experience on youth and children activities who want to take an step forward and manage projects and staff.

This Degree will give you the opportunity to expand your interest and potential in the non formal educational and recreational field.


The first unit is all about theory, it lasts 200 hours and lessons are given in our class-room at our Official Training School.

Lessons are given following our own dynamic and active methodology based on active participation and experience.

The second unit, is all about practice, it lasts 240 hours you will be developing your strengths through beyond-the-classroom experiences.

Practice as Senior Counselor could be achived by:

Intensive training, through urban or overhinght summer camps.

Extensive: Ongoing activities with organizations that manage activities addressed for children and youth.

Both, intensive and extensive: You can be part of an ongoing program and also work on a summer camp.

Senior Counselors internships will follow an sociocultural project postulated by the student, orientated and supervised by the tutor where the internship is taken place, and by a staff member of Acaya.

Once the activities had been conducted, students must be present a memoir which reviews and presents the process, the difficulties and the outcome of the project.