Founded in 1998 Acaya’s Official Training Center has been providing educational and recreative programs for over 20 years. Since the beginning more than 5,000 Counselors and Senior Counselors had been trained. Many of our students had been part of our Social, Cultural and Educational projects having the opportunity to work and practice what they have learned as trainees on the Counselor Degree or the Senior Counselor Degree courses. We feel proud of our students and the quality of their education. Our goal is to train them properly so once they have learned the profession, they can become part of our staff.

Acaya’s Training Center – Escuelta de Tiempo Libre has been awarded to provide Official Qualifications of first and second level, recognized by the Comunidad de Madrid giving our students the opportunity to work nation wide.

Counselor Official Degree | Senior Counselor Official Degree | Counselor specialized in special needs and/or disabilities Official Degree

Professional Training Center for Employment

Our Professional Training Center for Employment has been recognized by the Consejeria de Economía, Empleo y Hacienda de la Comunidad de Madrid, to give courses on special contents and abilities that are included under the National Public Employment Educational Abilities Chapter.

If you want more information about coming dates for the next courses please contact us, we’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need.


In our school you can find Specialized Courses that will help you expand your knowledge, resources and technics to develop activities for social and educational projects, and also for non formal education and leisure activities.

These courses are complementary to the Official Title for those who are willing to work with children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly in leisure activities and in social and educational programs.

You can find courses on recreation, CPR, First Aid and health, environmental and ecological topics, social intervention, and many more.