At the Ludotecas children can develop their personality and personal growth while enjoying themselves and learn through experience and «non formal» lessons.

Playing is a natural thing for children, ludotecas channel their resources to help children build their personalities and feel confident through recreational activities, making it easy for them to learn while having fun. They are meant to be a safe an appealing place for children, where they can experience personal growth while learning about boundaries and awareness of the other and still make friends, create memories, and earn self confidence.

Since 2006 Acaya has managed ludotecas for many clients. They had been places filled with creativity, fellowship, and artistic sense, with educational purposes, according to the age and needs of the children, always supported on experience, research, multiple intelligence and their own development.

Ludotecas are placed where our clients want them to be, and everything can be discussed through the implementation. We provide our experience and Know How to make the best of them and meet the demands and needs of our clientes and their target.

Ludotecas are meant usually for children from 3 to 12 years old, who go to preschool and primary school, but sometimes there are also activities for toodlers younger than 3 years old involving their mother or father next to them, stablishing a recreational atmosphere, sharing quality time and growing through the process.

All those years of experience, makes possible for us to provide engaging, efficient, attractive and professional activities, keeping them updated and evolving according to the needs and trends.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information on Ludotecas, we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and needs.